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A Message from WAMA's President:

Kandace Harvey, WAMA President

There are a great many issues that airport operators and managers face today.  This website represents the activities, policies and interests of the members and officers of this association of airport management professionals.  We encourage you to participate in the process of making this website a powerful tool for our association. If you have ideas or suggestions for content that you would like to see on our site, please email them to Dave Field, secretary@wama.us.

The past several months have been a busy time for WAMA and we expect even more in the months to come. Here are a few issues and activities we've been working on:

Aircraft Excise Tax Legislation

Perhaps our most important current activity is our effort to support aircraft excise tax legislation now being considered in both houses of the Washington legislature.  The legislation under consideration would amend the current split of revenue derived from the excise tax on aircraft. Today, a significant portion of that tax goes to the general fund and the Association believes it should be directed to the aviation fund, where it can support airport development and other activities that directly benefit those who pay the taxes.  More information on this subject can be found in the website here.

2015 Membership Drive
The operations of the Association are paid for by the dues of our members and by contributions made specifically to support our annual conference.  We have been and are currently conducting our membership renewal campaign and hope, if you were a 2014 member, you will renew for 2015.  If you aren't a member currently and might be interested in joining in support of our association objectives, please visit the "Join WAMA" page here.

2015 Annual Conference
We've also just initiated the registration process for our annual conference. Information on the conference venue and the registration process can be found here.  The conference program is being developed now; if you have ideas for the program, that you feel would be of interest to the attendees, please submit them to the conference planners.  You can email them to conference@wama.us.  We hope you will join us in Spokane on May 20-22, for the conference.  It's a great venue and we will be providing lots of education, information sharing and networking opportunities.

Washington State Aviation Alliance (WSAA)
WAMA, an association of airport management professionals, and a number of other aviation related organizations in our state, have just completed establishing the Washington State Aviation Alliance (WSAA)  The purpose of this organization is to bring together various aviation-related organizations who, as a group with a large constituency, can then speak with a single, strong voice on aviation issues in which all of the member organizations have an interest. Now that the organization process is complete, the alliance will shortly start the hard work of evaluating issues and developing and promoting a unified position that is in the best interest of the State of Washington.

Swanson Field Airport Revision Proposal Review Extension
WAMA recently got involved in an issue of airport development, operation and safety at Swanson Field in Eatonville, Washington.  The issue has to do with a revision to the airport that would put more residences in closer proximity to the airport runway. Unfortunately, we were made aware of the issue late, after WSDOT and FAA had already reviewed and commented on the case.  Because we became aware of it late,  we were not able to contribute prior to what was expected to be the final hearing before the Town Council on the matter.  As an organization of professionals with experience and knowledge of the subject, WAMA should be involved in such cases.  Our members have experience and expertise in the matters at hand and can provide valuable guidance and advice to those responsible for its evaluation and possible approval.  Because the matter has been extended, WAMA will take the opportunity to evaluate the proposal including the changes that have been recommended by WSDOT and FAA, and provide comments derived from our comprehensive experience.  More generally, this is the kind of issue on which our members can provide valuable experience-driven recommendations.  We intend to continue to take opportunities to do so in the future when we become aware of such proposals.

Thank you for your interest in Washington Airport Management Association and our web site.  Please look around the site and let us hear your comments.

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